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Nissan takes multichannel approach with new mobile campaign

Nissan is using a combination of mobile banner and video advertising, rich media and tablet-specific ads for its new Hispanic campaign.

The company tapped Hipcricket and Team Ignition to power the mobile initiative. The Spanish-language campaign aims to drive consumers to Nissan?s custom built mobile site.

"The objective is to engage Hispanics who over index in use of mobile devices,? said Doug Stovall, executive vice president of sales and services at Hipcricket.

?The Spanish-language campaign utilizes mobile banner ads, mobile video ads, rich media, plus tablet-specific ads to drive Hispanics to a custom built Nissan mobile Web site,? he said.

"By coupling media with the custom built landing page all served by one technology, Hipcricket and Team Ignition gain insight and optimization capabilities far beyond the click into the actual consumer interaction with the site.?

Multichannel capabilities
The Nissan mobile site was built by Hipcricket and encourages visitors to learn about the company?s various car models.

The mobile site features sub-sites that include photos, videos and information about each car model.

Nissan believes that this will not only help drive customer awareness, but also leads and brochure procurement.

In addition to the campaign?s various mobile touchpoints, the effort also marries social media into the mix to further help Nissan connect with consumers.

The company is using social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to further interact with users on a deeper level.

?A multichannel approach was critical because Hispanics are heavy users of a variety of mobile devices,? Mr. Stovall said.

?Creating ads in Spanish spoke directly to them,? he said.

Ideal channel
Mobile is a great way for Nissan to interact with on-the-go consumers.

By taking a multichannel approach, the company is able to reach new and existing customers in a variety of ways.

"Also important for the success of the campaign was the fact that all of the data and analysis is done within the Hipcricket platform,? Mr. Stovall said.

?This eliminates the need for multiple reports, and separate outside vendors or technology," he said.

Final Take
Rimma Kats is associate editor on Mobile Marketer, New York