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Jaguar Land Rover exec: Premium consumers more likely to use smartphones for new vehicle shopping

NEW YORK ? A Jaguar Land Rover executive at the ad:tech 2012 conference said that location-based mobile advertising provides multiple benefits for the company, including the ability to incorporate a tactical message.

During the ?Location-based Advertising: Targeting Customers in the Right Place at the Right Time? session, the executive discussed how mobile various mediums such as mobile sites, apps and advertising help the company drive brand awareness. The session was moderated by Brian Lipman, digital media manager at Coors Light, Miller Lite.

?Mobile is important for automotive,? said Kim Kyaw, digital marketing and social media manager at Jaguar Land Rover. ?Land Rover uses mobile through the consumer decision journey.

?Mobile helps add that context for people,? she said. ?We?re not fully there yet with mobile, but we?re starting to get there.?

Mobile strategy
Jaguar Land Rover has mobile sites, applications and has run several mobile advertising campaigns.

According to Ms. Kyaw, mobile allows the brand to bolster consumer engagement and really build a successful rich brand experience.

Earlier this year, the luxury automaker partnered with mobile ad network Millennial Media on a mobile advertising campaign that let consumers pick colors of their ideal Land Rover vehicle and get a true 360-degree experience. 

In addition to rich-media, Ms. Kyaw believes that it is important to implement mobile video into the mix as well.

?Mobile video is a top thing that people are looking for,? Ms. Kyaw said. ?It?s about getting that message to people while they are on their smartphones and you definitely want to make sure that the ad is relevant.

?We can?t buy a car on mobile right now, unless you're eBay,? she said. ?So what?s the closest thing we can do? Mobile advertising.

?We want to drive traffic to retailers or drive leads and mobile allows us to do that.?

According to Ms. Kyaw, geofencing is a great technology and allows marketers to better reach consumers at a specific location.

Not only is the location-based technology great, but it is also relevant and contextual.

?It?s about that right message at the right time to that action that the consumer is doing,? Ms. Kyaw said. 

?Location-based mobile advertising provides many benefits such as improved performance,? she said. ?Also, mobile is more cost efficient and more consumer-focused.?

Final Take