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Ad:tech attendees embrace mobile and new emerging technologies despite Superstorm Sandy

NEW YORK ? Superstorm Sandy did not stop brands such as Pepsi, MasterCard and Jaguar Land Rover from attending last week?s ad:tech 2012 conference and discussing the critical role that mobile continues to play in their marketing efforts.

Mobile Marketer?s Kristina Mayne talked to exhibitors and attendees about the overall impression of the show and what new trends they are noticing. Here is what they had to say, in alphabetical order by company name.

Antonio Tomarchio, founder/CEO of Beintoo, Milan, Italy
We were concerned about the impact of Superstorm Sandy, but we had a lot of traffic to our session yesterday. We can see an increasing interest in mobile, which is good. We have seen many publishers who are switching to mobile and they are looking to monetize. There seems to be an increasing awareness on the publishing side, as well as on the advertising side.

Nina Sodhi, CEO of Blu Trumpet, New York
The volume of people is lower, but I think what happened is that quality of people is higher. The people here really want to be here. It is not about the glitz and glam, the show is very down-to-earth. We are also getting a lot of questions about what next-generation means and what is coming up next in the space.

Yugo Asato, CEO of Dobleas, New York
Everything we wish for the show happened. The show is fantastic and we have seen more traffic than initially expected. A lot of the traffic is from agencies and ad networks.

Riza Celep, marketing manager at Extracomm Inc, Toronto
There were more people at the San Francisco show in the spring. It seems like a really good place for affiliate networks and people trying to get into mobile.

Christopher To, channel manager at Extracomm Inc, Toronto
We expected a bigger turnout, but with what New York is dealing with right now, we cannot really ask for more. There are a lot of advertisers here, and we are looking for end users.

Sarah Lemelin, marketing manager at Fiksu, Boston
We had really good booth shopping and good potential customers. There has been more traffic than expected. Our booth never arrived because of the storm, but there is still a lot of traffic. All of our collateral was gone by today, and we have had a lot of potential traffic partners stop by.

David Lione, director of sales at mBlox, Sunnyvale, CA
Traffic has been decent. Most of the interest has been in our new product, which is location-aware, rich media push messaging.

Casey Grooms, co-founder of PocketMath, Singapore/San Francisco
Traffic at the mobile marketing zone was better on day two. I was at ad:tech last fall ? not as an exhibitor. I did not have a booth, but I thought the attendance was better then. In terms of trends, today we have seen a lot of agencies that only deal with local business.

Marina Nissim, account manager at Startapp, New York
There seem to have been many cancellations. Many meetings were cancelled and there might have been lost opportunities due to the storm. Day two has been a bit better. We have seen a lot of solution providers, people who are eager to learn about mobile, people who would like to transfer their business to mobile.

Scott Townsend, director of marketing at Urban Airship, Portland, OR
The types of people here seems to be across the industry ? it is a very international crowd and there are a lot of advertisers. There are so many people still trying to figure out mobile. People are looking to get out of buying impressions of mobile, which is good for us ? we can offer them a solution to that.

Konny Zsigo, president and CEO at WDA, East Lansing, MI
It is a dedicated group of people here. Everyone is energetic and upbeat. There seems to be a renewed interest in geotargeting?seems like people are more interested in superlocal.