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MillerCoors exec: Mobile is key social medium

NEW YORK ? A MillerCoors executive at Mobile Marketer?s Mobile FirstLook: Strategy 2013 conference said that mobile is the only way to keep its consumers connected to the brand, whether it is via television, in-store retail locations or at a bar.

During the ?MillerCoors: Why Mobile is a Key Social Medium for the Nation?s No. 2 Brewer? keynote, the executive talked about how the company is engaging with its customers across different channels. The session also addressed MillerCoors? emphasis on mobile to extend consumer engagement.

?Why mobile?? said Steve Mura, director of digital marketing at MillerCoors. ?For us it?s pretty simple.

?A couple of guys, getting together, getting a beer,? he said. ?The mobile device is where the guy plans all this.?

Driving brand awareness
According to Mr. Mura, mobile percentage of total online site visits went from about 8 percent to 27 percent.

Additionally, the Android operating system makes up almost 75 percent of MillerCoors? mobile traffic.

The company has also run more than 360 SMS-only programs.

The top mobile devices consumers use to access MillerCoors content include Apple?s iPhone, the Motorola Droid Razr, HTC Evo 4G, Apple?s iPad and Amazon Kindle Fire.

To drive consumer engagement, MillerCoors uses a variety of mobile channels including mobile advertising, SMS and QR codes.

Mobile advertising, for example, is a great channel for MillerCoors because it helps the company run targeted and relevant campaigns that aim to drive consumers to the nearest bar.

MillerCoors also uses a day-parting strategy to deliver specific and targeted content at specific times.

MillerCoors has also leveraged intent-based mobile applications such as Twitter and foursquare to further interact with consumers on a one-to-one level.

?One thing we have to do is connect our guys with the information they want from us,? Mr. Mura said. ?Ultimately, we want to get people through the bar, in a grocery store and we need to be top-of-mind.?

MillerCoors has heavily invested in SMS and the medium is a great way for the company to build an ongoing dialogue with new and existing customers.

SMS is one of the best traditional mediums marketers can use to reach consumers.

?We?ve had success with SMS, as well as with other tactics,? Mr. Mura said. ?We?re also doing MMS and consumers love it.

?It?s about finding those kinds of social things that complement mobile,? he said.