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Brooklyn Nets shoot for real-time mobile engagement

The Brooklyn Nets is ramping up its mobile strategy with a couple of mobile applications that not only put fans closer to their favorite team, but also serve as an in-stadium guide.

In conjunction with the release of the Brooklyn Net?s app, an additional app for the Barclay?s Center ? the venue where the team plays ? has also been launched. WillowTree Apps co-developed both apps.

?The goal of the Barclays app is to make it easy for fans to find events, buy tickets, get there and enjoy the events in new ways that you cannot from home,? said Tobias Dengel, CEO of WillowTree Apps, Charlottesville, VA.

?On the Nets side, the goal is to give fans unmatched access to the team and real-time play-by-play during games,? he said.

?The apps are the first complete integrated experience between a team app and a stadium or arena app.  The apps are the first integration of mobile applications into Cisco's Stadiumvision system, allowing fans to select their own video replays from their seats, as well as box seats to control their in-suite televisions.?

In-stadium engagement
Both apps are available on iPhone and Android devices.

The Barclays app?s purpose is to walk consumers through each step of attending an event ? from finding tickets to in-stadium engagement.

Users can read news articles and watch videos via the app.

Consumers can also browse through upcoming events and add them to their device?s calendar. The app includes in-app purchasing.

Then users can find directions via MTA schedules and nearby stores through a Yelp integration when they are on their way to an event.

Once a consumer is close to the arena, the app picks up that the user is on the stadium?s Wi-Fi network and flips into an in-stadium mode that lets users view maps of the arena that mark where food and drinks are available.

The app also includes features aimed for convenience, such as the ability to order food from concession stands.

Mobile hoops
The Brooklyn Nets app is available for iPhone and Android devices and is meant to serve as a hub for all of the team's content.

For example, consumers can follow along with games during each play via the app.

Furthermore, the app includes an interactive schedule where consumers can add events directly to their device?s calendar.

Consumers can opt-in for personalized push notifications via the app. For example, push notifications are sent out on game days for fans.

Additionally, the app pulls in the team?s Instagram account.

Similar to the Barclays app, there are parts of the Brooklyn Nets app that target in-stadium fans.

For instance, while a user is at the Barclay?s Center, they can post a message to the venue?s scoreboard via the app.

Links to purchase tickets and memorabilia are also included in the app.

?WillowTree Apps believes mobile has the power to transform the in-arena and at-home fan experience, and to give sports teams and arena the ability to develop and expand a direct relationship with their fans,? Mr. Dengel said.

?In-stadium, arenas will be able to provide an expanded experience and make it easier for fans to purchase food, beverage and merchandise,? he said. ?Through personalization, such as tying your account to Facebook, users could be alerted to very specific events they care about, such as bands they "Like" versus much of today's catch-all email marketing. Based on the projects we are working on and the interest level we are seeing from teams and arenas, the fan experience will only continue to grow and improve even more.?

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Marketer, New York