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CBS? Super Bowl XLVII live streaming rakes in 3M unique visitors

Consumers turned to their tablets and PCs to tune-in to the recent Super Bowl XLVII game, which set several new records for live broadcasts.

CBS set up its coverage for the game on and included a video player that streamed live content across tablets and desktops. The three million unique visitors is a 46 year-over-year percent increase, per the broadcaster.

?Unlike other events, the Super Bowl is appointment television ? sports fans plan their lives around it and make sure they're in front of the biggest screen available,? said Jason Kint, senior vice president and general manager at, New York.

?With that in mind, tablets and computers become the ultimate second screen,? he said.

?The second screen clearly was used to socialize with other fans, view other camera angles, review plays, re-watch commercials, track stats and more. We saw record tweet activity on the video player, sports fans changing to other angles on key plays, in particular the super-popular all-22 angle and using the DVR controls.?
Stream on mobile
Consumers generated 10 million live video streams during the game. This represents more than a 100 percent year-over-year increase, according to claims that 114.4 million minutes were streamed for the Super Bowl, representing a 46 percent increase from last year.

Moreover, an average 38 minutes of engagement per user was spent with content.

With consumers watching and interacting with content on multiple screens simultaneously, claims that users on the site this past Sunday hit a record as the largest audience.

This year also marked the first year that the halftime show was broadcast online. Via the site, consumers were able to connect to social networks, watch commercials and view the game from multiple camera angles.

Although mobile?s role as a secondary device continues to grow while consumers watch television, CBS? findings point to mobile possibly becoming a screen that content is watched on for longer periods of time.

By offering unique content such as new camera views and the ability to connect via social, CBS? initiatives this year gave consumers an incentive to follow the game play-by-play digitally.

Social is mobile
According to data from SocialGuide, Trendr and BlueFin, this year?s Super Bowl was highly social.

For example, research from Trendr tracked 52.5 million social comments on Sunday, which the company claims is more than three times the number of comments that were tracked for Super Bowl XLVI or the 2012 Grammy Awards.

With consumers most likely unattached to their laptops while watching the game, the amount of social interaction taking place on smartphones and tablets is most likely significant.

?CBS Sports, more than ever before, is a multi-platform brand and we approached all of Super Bowl week in that fashion,? Mr. Kint said.

?CBS Sports Radio, CBS Sports, our 24/7 cable network CBS Sports Network, and all of our mobile products on tablets and smartphones had live coverage all week long,? he said.

?For the game itself, we decided that a true second-screen experience on tablets and laptops would only enhance the experience of watching the Super Bowl on CBS. Clearly the results backed up that decision.?

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Marketer, New York