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Hyundai pushes mobile to the forefront of digital campaign

Hyundai is making mobile a big focus for a new campaign that comprises video, mobile Web and music to help promote the Santa Fe 2013 mid-size SUV.

The Epic Playdate campaign uses mobile and Web microsites to position the Santa Fe as appealing to families. Mobile advertisements that support the campaign are running inside the IMDb mobile site.

"The audience we are targeting with the Santa Fe ? Gen X parents ? overindex against general population on adoption of smartphones and are increasingly living mobile lives," said David Matathia, director marketing communications at Hyundai, Fountain Valley, CA.

"For them, their mobile is the most critical device as a source of entertainment, information and videos about the car model," he said.

Drive on mobile
Hyundai is running expanded banner ads at the top of IMDb's mobile site.

The ad features a picture of the Santa Fe, and tabs along the bottom let consumers learn more about the car, view photos or videos about the car.

Additionally, a button in the top right-hand corner lets users share content directly from the ad.

Compared to other types of banner ads, Hyundai is packing its ad with multiple types of information, which helps consumers get a better grasp on what is being advertised and what to expect once they click-through.

When tapped on, the ad directs users to Hyundai?s microsite for the campaign ? ? which is optimized for mobile. Consumers are prompted to flip their devices into landscape mode to read the site's content.

From there, the site features a picture of a home with a Santa Fe SUV parked in the driveway.

Four buttons below let users watch a video from the campaign, find event tickets, customize their own car or listen to music.

The video on the mobile site repurposes Hyundai?s Super Bowl spot, which is just over a minute long. The commercial highlights the Santa Fe?s appeal to families and features music from the band The Flaming Lips.

To build on the work with The Flaming Lips, the music button on the site lets users listen to a new track from the band.

When users click through on the events tab, the site prompts users to check back soon for information on deals from LivingSocial.

Via the microsite, consumers can customize their own car by picking a color. Click-throughs are then encouraged to let users build and quote their own cars ? which leads users to the automaker?s mobile site home page.

In addition to the mobile component, the campaign is also running on Hyundai?s Web site.

"We continue to see increases to via mobile devices but it is not limited to just," Mr. Matathia said.

"Mobile search is growing as is traffic to our owned social properties via mobile," he said. "More and more it is becoming the preferred method for users to access information about the brand and our vehicles."

Building a brand
In addition to the ?Epic Playdate? campaign, Hyundai also recently leveraged mobile for a second-screen experience during this year?s Super Bowl.

The car brand?s ?Find Your 7? campaign also promoted the Santa Fe line but focused more on social media as the glue binding television and mobile together. Via a microsite, users can assemble their dream team for a chance at winning tickets to the 2014 Super Bowl (see story).

As brands continue to integrate mobile and social into their television campaigns, marketers are increasingly repurposing content ? such as TV spots ? into mobile formats.

"There is a large percentage of families that have multiple mobile screens in use constantly," said Marci Troutman, CEO of SiteMinis, Atlanta.

Ms. Troutman is not affiliated with Hyundai. She commented based on her expertise on the subject.

"Reach and frequency of exposure for mobile marketing is a definite benefit for a car line promoting new family cars," she said.

"Banner ads are a great way to promote the product, as long as there is a clear navigation to the site, offer or landing page. Epic Playdate with its use of the the band The Flaming Lips was targeted to show how much fun families can have in the 2013 Santa Fe SUV ? reaching these families while they are on mobile is a great way to gain exposure."

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Marketer, New York