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Rovio expands digital, mobile blueprint

Rovio Entertainment is expanding its mobile-first powerhouse to create more native and integrated advertising experiences.

The new initiative is part of the brand?s ongoing efforts to create experiences and align with its overall marketing goals. As part of the global ad partnership, Rovio has hired new team members from Millennial Media, Apple?s iAd, Rhythm New Media and InMobi.

"Rovio has evolved into the media company for the connected-device era, as the company's roots have been mobile-first since inception,? said Michele Tobin, vice president of North American Brand Ad Partnerships at Rovio, Santa Clara, CA.

?We understand and treasure our fans, so we have created a team with incredible TV, mobile and digital partnership experience to create fans-first integrated brand engagements,? she said.

Digitally moving
As part of Rovio?s move towards digital advertising, it is looking to create scalable and interesting brand connections with its audience.

To date, Rovio?s games have been downloaded more than one billion times.

Furthermore, the company?s YouTube video channel has garnered almost one billion viral views.

Rovio also sells retail products and is currently working on a major motion picture release.

In addition, the company is constantly looking at new ways to integrate various brands into its ongoing efforts.

?Rovio had been approached by brands during the past couple of years about creating unique partnerships, and the company had great success in doing so,? Ms. Tobin said. ?For example, our NASA partnership continues to grow.

?We launched Angry Birds Space from the International Space Station, and we recently opened the Angry Birds activity park in the Houston Space Museum to leverage and extend that partnership,? she said. "More specific to the media extensions, in China, we had a phenomenal partnership with McDonald's.

?As part of the multi-pronged program, the iconic ?M? signs were turned into giant slingshots in numerous locations, we had an in-store location based rewards program, TV tie-in, mobile and online media. This new brand ad partnership team will use this type of approach towards scalable brand partnerships."

Engaging consumers
For Rovio, it is all about the connected consumer.

In addition to expanding its digital and mobile efforts, the company is also looking to make in-game ad experiences more native to the game.

?We have always been a mobile-first company, and you will continue to see that range of fun and engaging mobile games,? Ms. Tobin said.

Final Take
Rimma Kats is associate editor on Mobile Marketer, New York