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Sole Society picks Facebook feed content to incorporate mobile into social

PALM DESERT, CA ? A Sole Society executive at eTail West said that mobile is impacting the type of Facebook content that the company is buying, engaging with and producing for.

During the ?Current and Future Trends in Social Media and Future Platforms: Equipping For The Present And Preparing For What?s Next? session, executives from Sole Society, Plink and Little Black Bag spoke about how they are using various social media platforms to engage with consumers. The session was moderated by Bob Moul, CEO of Artisan Mobile, Philadelphia.

?Facebook is saying that more people are engaging with Facebook on mobile, and on mobile you don?t see those ads that run down the right-hand rail that you do while you are on the desktop version,? said Nina Tooley, vice president of marketing at Sole Society, Los Angeles.

?So the type of advertising that we are engaging with, buying on Facebook and producing is different ? it is the kind that goes in your feed versus the kind that will show up on the right-hand side where all the ads are, so that is how mobile is changing [social media] for us,? she said.

Mobile shoes
Sole Society is an online, members-only shoe club. As the company has started to build a brand for itself, social is a necessary part of getting the word out and engaging with consumers.

One thing that Ms. Tooley said that Sole Society is keeping its eye on this year is video, particularly social and mobile video.

?We are starting to produce some Vine videos, and we feel like it is a natural environment for our product,? Ms. Tooley said.

?Video is a really interesting medium to watch in social,? she said.

For example, during New York Fashion Week, consumers got a glimpse at what the shows look like via Vine.

Sole Society has a wide swath of social platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter.

Social is used by Sole Society to create new customers, retention and customer care.

When it comes to things that are working, Facebook and Pinterest both bode well for Sole Society. Pinterest, for example, is driving quality traffic and engagement for the brand because it targets the company?s target customer ? women aged 25 to 45-years old.

Twitter on the other hand has been less successful for the company in terms of finding new customers, but the site does help Sole Society reach brand influencers that sample new products and provide content for Sole Society.

Business objectives need to lead a social strategy, per Ms. Tooley.

Mobile acquisition
According to Peter Vogel, cofounder/CEO of Plink, Denver, social plays a big role in acquiring users.

When it comes to acquiring new users, members that Plink acquires via Facebook are worth up to 30 ? 40 percent more than what the company gets from Google, affiliated traffic or cost-per-click advertising.

Additionally, Facebook lets marketers target at either granular or specific levels.

The company also has presences on Pinterest and Twitter.

Plink looks primarily looks at the cost to acquire a new user as a measurement of success.

The company also recently began doing mobile acquisition a couple of weeks ago, pointing to the growing connection between mobile and social.

?Everyone knows that more and more people are using social media on mobile, so I think they are completely converging at this point,? Mr. Vogel said.

?That is going to be one of the biggest things the next few years is that almost everything will be mobile in regards to social media in the next couple of years ? or almost everything,? he said.

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Marketer, New York