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Dodge, Syfy take 360-degree approach to promote new show

Dodge and Syfy have teamed up to promote the network?s new show, ?Defiance,? via a multichannel campaign that incorporates mobile, digital, gaming and social.

According to both companies, this is the first-ever convergence of television programming and online gaming. The multidimensional partnership includes vehicle integrations and custom creative executions crossing many media platforms.

?This is a full, 360-degree campaign,? said Mark Malmstead, brand lead for media CRM and social media at Dodge, Auburn Hills, MI.

?For this initiative, we took a fully-integrated approach,? he said. ?Second-screen experiences are growing and we?ll see more of it in the future.

?Mobile is very important for us, we are shifting a bigger allocation for mobile every year ? it keeps increasing and it will progress.?

Media promotion
The Dodge and Syfy partnership will include the convergence of television and online gaming featuring an interconnected world and storylines that co-exist throughout a scripted drama television series and an online game.

The Dodge brand partnership includes vehicle integrations in the TV show, such as its Dodge Charger, debuting April 15 and online video game, which will include its other vehicle, the Dodge Challenger.

Both the television series and game are standalone experiences that unfold concurrently in one world.

However, they also seamlessly intertwine to create a dynamic interactive experience in which the show impacts the game, and the game influences the show.

Additionally, in mid-May, coinciding with the first appearance of the Dodge Chargers in the TV program, Dodge will debut a new co-branded television spot and a social gaming experience and contest.

Mobile promotion
In addition to the television and online efforts, Dodge and Syfy are also tapping mobile to drive the user experience.

Syfy is running mobile ads in several networks to help spread the word out about its new show.

?There?s ubiquity in mobile,? said Michael Engleman, marketing chief at Syfy, New York. ?Mobile is a terrific way to gain ubiquity and to drive social conversation, especially when you work with a platform like Zeebox.

?Second-screen experiences are exponentially growing,? he said. ?We want to be where our consumers are and on the devices they are using.

?Mobile is an absolute cornerstone of our strategy. And, we need to be communicating in ways and platforms that our consumers care about.?

Final Take
Rimma Kats is associate editor on Mobile Marketer, New York