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Telemundo builds up second-screen efforts with zeebox partnership

NBCUniversal?s Telemundo is aiming to reach a new group of plugged-in consumers through a partnership with second-screen viewing application zeebox.

NBCUniversal is increasingly looking to find ways to connect with consumers across multiple digital screens as consumers? multitasking habits shift. One of the biggest portions of NBC?s mobile focus is around second-screen experiences such as the zeebox app.

"Today, consumers are active on multiple platforms including mobile and second screen, which are part of NBCUniversal's strategy to provide premium content to audiences everywhere,? said Scott Schiller, executive vice president of digital advertising sales at NBCUniversal, New York.

?Second-screen apps like zeebox, Bravo?s Play Live and USA Sync provide TV advertisers the highest level of engagement by enriching the total viewing experience," he said.

Mobile engagement
Telemundo is the first Hispanic zeebox partner in the United States as part of a bigger marketing plan around second-screen initiatives.

The zeebox app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

The new Telemundo zeebox activations debuted with the Latin Billboard Awards show last night, which included a livestream and backstage content for consumers with the app.

During the show, consumers could view an image mosaic that pulled in photos from the event or play a game where they could guess which artists would win awards in real-time.

Telemundo will also work zeebox into its upcoming ?2013 Miss Universe Pagent? and ?La Voz Kids? programs.

Telemundo?s partnership builds on NBCUniversal?s larger investment in zeebox, which was rolled out last year (see story).

Mobile engagement
The Telemundo news is only one small piece of how NBCUniversal is using digital and mobile with its programs to connect with consumers and advertisers.

Recently, NBCUniversal presented a look at what its digital products are capable of at the Digital.Amplified. event.

NBCUniversal claims that its portfolio reaches 93 percent of all adults. These consumers spend 8.8 billion minutes per month with NBCUniversal?s digital products.

For example, NBC News? Breaking News has also rolled out a native advertising product that lets marketers slide advertisements into the company?s mobile and Web feeds.

Additionally, NBC?s television and Web destination Sprout, which targets preschoolers, has an app to streamline the process for parents to submit content to potentially be featured on-air.

USA Network recently expanded its USA Sync program to syndicate content across social, Web and mobile platforms. The program lets consumers interact with custom content from USA Network in mobile apps such as Shazam, Viggle and zeebox.

USA Network also claims that the company has doubled its fan engagement since the launch of USA Sync. 

"NBC Universal?s new mobile and second-screen initiatives will create added value for their television advertisers because most of the time when TV is watched, another screen is being used," said Randy Ferree, senior account mananger at SiteMinis, Atlanta

Mr. Ferree is not affiliated with NBCUniversal. He commented based on his expertise on the subject.

"These instances present the opportune time to convey your message and inspire action," he said.

"The world we live in today is not just second screen-based, but multiscreen-based. People are using their television, computers, smartphones and tablets to explore their world and make decisions every day. We turn to the various devices based on context ? where we are, what our objectives are, and how much time we have."

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Marketer, New York