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Personalization, new technologies top priorities for mobile marketers: MMA Forum 2013 attendees

NEW YORK ? Mobile continues to play a big role in marketing strategies and new technologies such as Google Glass, as well as relevant and personalized content are top priorities this year, according to attendees at the 2013 MMA Forum.

Mobile Marketer?s Kristina Mayne talked to exhibitors and attendees about the overall impression of the show, what new trends they are noticing and the key mobile concern their clients have. Here is what they had to say, in alphabetical order by company name.

Bob Moul, CEO, Artisan Mobile Inc., Philadelphia
Brands are not driving the conversions or user engagement they expect from their mobile apps and therefore not getting the ROI they want.

The primary reason for this is that companies have not had the tools needed to easily manage, understand, and enhance native apps.

The same optimization capabilities available for the Web have not been available for the native app environment.

Making simple changes can be a long, tedious process, and without deep insights into user behavior, brands have had to guess on what consumers prefer.

R.J. Talyor, vice president of mobile products, ExactTarget, Indianapolis, IN
The concern of our mobile clients is prioritization.

There are so many mobile channels that their customers are using.

Our customers do not want to miss out on something, but they also do not want to waste their time on things that do not work.

Stefan Brown, mobile solutions analyst, FunMobility, Pleasanton, CA
Even more than user experience, what is the ROI?

It comes down to both data and monetization. To us, data is just as important because it allows you to understand your client and market appropriately to keep your brand on top of mind.

Sophie Vu, vice president of mobile marketing and communications, Kony Solutions, San Francisco
We target B2B and B2C. Their main concern is staying ahead of the curve and interacting with customers through all of the new technologies, such as Google Glass, for example.

It is about how you engage your customers in a way that is sticky and will create loyalty.

Charlotte Fors, vice president of sales, Mike Tropeano, channel sales manager and Amanda Whichard, head of strategic partnerships, mBlox Sunnyvale, CA
One concern is the ability to reach their customers in a timely and relevant fashion.

They want to reach, but they want to maintain relevancy as well.

On the app side, it is about consumer engagement and sending relevant messages. Also, trying to understand how to get the best return on investment.

Taylor Burton, manager of advertising solutions, PayPal, New York
Tracking and closing the loop. Also, understanding how to best engage with the omnichannel consumer.

Brent Hieggelke, chief marketing officer, Urban Airship, Portland, OR
One big concern from our clients is them trying to keep up with their customer's adoption of mobile.

Consumers are adapting so much faster than our clients' budgets can keep up with.

They have to figure out how to sell mobile internally to keep up with the clients' needs.

Mark Tack, vice president of marketing, Vibes, Chicago, IL
Three things come to mind.

First, having a seamless experience with the customer. They want to make sure mobile is integrated in the overall marketing strategy.

Second, personalization. The need to make sure that the communications and offers are contextually relevant.

The third one is staying ahead of innovations for things like Passbook. They want to bring their clients the latest and greatest. They do not want to be the last one to try something.

Jeffrey Samuels, account executive, Xtify, New York
Making sure the right message is hitting the right consumer at the right time.

Also, learning from the retailers how they want to communicate.

Questions they are asking themselves are things ?Should we be utilizing location-based features?? ?What do we want to get out of the message??