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Frito-Lay?s Cracker Jack mobilizes product prizes via app

Frito-Lay?s Cracker Jack is launching an Android gaming application this summer that aims to bring consumers back repeatedly as part of a rollout of new snack products.

The new Cracker Jack app is part of a bigger marketing campaign this summer to celebrate the 120th birthday of the brand with other initiatives including the launch of new snack products. The app is available for free download in Google Play.

?Cracker Jack has a long history of ?the prize inside,? and we wanted to deliver new prize stickers and an additional digital prize through a mobile gaming app that delivers the prize experience wherever our consumers are,? said Chris Kuechenmeister, spokesman for Frito-Lay, Plano, TX.

?We wanted to give our consumers the ease of a mobile app ? similar to other gaming apps ? that they could easily access on their mobile devices when they have some downtime and want to relax and have fun,? he said.

Play ball
The Cracker Jack app is meant to tap into the brand's nostalgic characteristics during baseball games in the summer.

The app consists of two games ? CJ Ball and Cracker Jack at Bat.

The CJ Ball game challenges consumers to push a ball through an obstacle course to land into different holes. The content in the game is branded with Cracker Jack?s logo.

The Cracker Jack at Bat game lets users swing at baseballs in a stadium with the goal of hitting a home run. Again, the stadium includes the Cracker Jack logo.

The first level of each game for users is free to play.

Additional game levels can be unlocked by entering the codes found inside boxes of Cracker Jack. The snack brand?s prizes also include a call-to-action for consumers to download the app.

An iPhone version of the app is planned to launch in the coming weeks.

In addition to the mobile app, Cracker Jack is also relying on social media as part of its marketing this summer through a tie-in with the Louisville Sluggers? Facebook page.

A Cracker Jack sweepstakes on the Louisville Sluggers? Facebook page lets consumers enter to win prizes such as branded gear, for example.

Swing on mobile
Mobile games continue to be one of the most popular app categories.

The trick for marketers though is to get consumers to download and use them time and time again.

In this case, using Cracker Jack?s packaging to drive consumers to the app through incentives helps Cracker Jack increase the app?s use.

Additionally, the mobile game gives Cracker Jack a way to promote its new products to consumers this summer.

Cracker Jack is rolling out two new flavors of popcorn nationwide this summer ? Cracker Jack Kettle Corn and Cracker Jack Butter Toffee popcorn.

The new kettle corn is available for $1.49 in a three-ounce package. The butter toffee snack comes in either four-ounce or eight-and-a-half-ounce servings and retails for $1.49 or $2.29, respectively.

Cracker Jack is also adding more peanuts to its four and eight-ounce packages of its original line of snacks. These will also retail for $1.49 or $2.29.

?Summertime has always been a great time for Cracker Jack, when friends and family take time to unwind think back to happy memories,? Mr. Kuechenmeister said.

?We thought it was the perfect time to roll-out our fun new app with classic games like baseball and pinball,? he said.

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Marketer, New York