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Golf Digest strengthens mobile content with app revamp

Golf Digest has added mobile-specific content to its GolfLogix mobile application to create a more seamless experience for golfers.

The Condé Nast-owned publication has updated the GolfLogix iPhone app with a new feature called My Golf Digest that analyzes golfers? games. Golf Digest has steadily been building up momentum for its partnership with GolfLogix, with an Android version of the same update rolling out within the next week.

?The digital medium went from print companies getting their content out on digital devices to getting digital content out,? said Craig Bestrom, editorial development director at Golf Digest, New York.

?We have taken the same mindset with any apps ? deliver them great content and make sure that it works on the device that they use,? he said.

Mobile swing
Golf Digest partnered with GolfLogix last year to include content from the publisher directly within the sports app.

The GolfLogix app is available from Apple?s App Store and Google Play and lets sports fans record and improve their golf game. The app is available for free download with the My Golf Digest available as an in-app purchase.

The new app feature adds a detailed summary of a player?s performance after he or she has completed a round of golf.

Once golfers finish a round, the app prompts them to enter information about the round. Each hole on the golf course corresponds to the number of putts, fairway hits and score.

The section is personalized based on information that consumers enter about their game. For example, the section compares a golfer?s score with the PGA Tour average scores and averages from other players.

The section also serves up relevant lessons and videos from Golf Digest and PGA Tour players that are tailored to golfers? individual play.

A more detailed My Golf Digest analysis is generated when golfers register other pieces of data from GolfLogix, such as club tracking, greenside bunkers and pitches.

The MyGolf Digest feature is free for the first two rounds of golf. Afterwards, the feature costs consumers 99 cents a month, or $9.99 a year.

A screenshot of the app

Mobile-first content
Before the update, the app still included post-round analysis and content tailored to each golfer, but the content was basically ported PDF pages from Golf Digest that was delivered to consumers.

With this update, the goal is to make content more tailored for mobile readers.

Publishers have been quick to jump into mobile with digital versions of publications, but very few have rolled out device-specific, interactive content for readers.

Golf Digest is primarily using app store ratings to gauge the success of its app.

?We?re curious to see what peoples? reaction is to the app,? Mr. Bestrom said.

?As soon as the Android version goes live, we will send out an email blast, and we?re listening and learning right along with the consumers with what they want,? he said. ?We?re trying to create products that do things that people want to do and will use.?

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Marketer, New York