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Mobile Minutes: Downloads, Swirl, mobile sales, apps

Downloads on mobile devices double in 12 months
Rapid increase is being driven by growing use of smartphones and tablets and the introduction of 4G networks, according to The Guardian.
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Swirl spikes retail sales with mobile discounts, gets $8 million from Hearst
Are you willing to trade details about your movements in a retail store for discounts on its merchandise? It seems to be a popular trade for consumers and now one of the world?s biggest media companies is investing in the company that delivers this service, per Forbes.
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Will U.S. mobile device sales take a big dive?
Much of the tech economy has become obsessed with mobile, whether smart watches or apps to help you find a parking space. Why? Because the sales and use of mobile devices, particularly in the U.S., has kept a burning pace to the delight of such companies as Apple and Google. And to the so far bitter disappointment of Microsoft and others who have fared less well, CBS reports.
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Mobile apps: Part of your enhanced business strategy
The workplace is increasingly mobile. That doesn?t necessarily mean that staff is working outside the office, but that employees are looking to make the best use of their time whenever they are away from their desks, according to Forbes.
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