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P&?s Crest, Oral-B incentivize app users with mobile coupons

Procter & Gamble?s Crest and Oral-B brands are rewarding parents who prompt children to brush their teeth with mobile offers in exchange for using an application.

The brands have partnered with the ChoreMonster app to offer exclusive content and offers for one month. The deal is the latest example of CPG brands integrating with third-party apps to scale their mobile initiatives. 

?The chore how-to video is a simple, engaging video that shows kids how to accurately complete the chore, but also includes the brand's products where appropriate,? said Alex Bowman, director of marketing and business development at ChoreMonster, Cincinnati, OH.

?When kids have the sponsored chore ? in the case of Crest/Oral-B, ?brush your teeth? ? listed, they can watch the how-to video, and for watching, they earn Orby, our Oral-B branded monster,? he said.

?The video can be used by the brand outside of the app through their social media channels, on their Web site or wherever they want to provide family-friendly, engaging content, and that content is theirs to keep forever.?

Mobile coupons
Oral-B and Crest created a 45-second digital video that walks children through the steps of brushing their teeth.

The video is live on ChoreMonster?s YouTube page and within the company?s mobile app for iPhone and Android devices. The ChoreMonster app lets parents delegate household chores by creating an account for themselves and their children.

Kids can then complete chores to earn points.

As part of the Oral-B and Crest program, parents with the ChoreMonster app can add the chore ?Brush your teeth? to access the branded content.

After parents select the chore, a full-page interstitial ad from Oral-B and Crest pops up. The ChoreMonster Web site is also running display ads.

Consumers that click on the ad are directed to Oral B?s Web site, where they can fill out and mail in a rebate form for a $5 coupon.

In addition to the in-app component, Oral-B and Crest will also run a Twitter contest to promote the campaign and offer free ChoreMonster memberships. The ChoreMonster app is free to download and use, but a membership lets children access a feature called Monster Carnival, which includes access to games, puzzles and virtual goods.

Memberships are either $5.99 a month, $29.99 for six months or $59.99 for a one-year membership.

In-app messaging
The goal is to reach parents that control household spending with relevant messages that incentivize children and parents to use the app, which is a tactic that many CPG brands use to reach large groups of consumers.

For example, Clorox ran a mobile campaign within the Viggle app to reward consumers who were watching ABC?s ?The Bachelorette? with exclusive content (see story).

Additionally, CPG brands have partnered with the Shazam, Blippar and shopkick apps that cater to a wide group of consumers.

?Millennial moms are more digitally driven than ever before, and they're smart and know when they're being advertised to,? Mr. Bowman said.

?We don't want to create a product that's driven by ads,? he said. ?We want to work with brands to create compelling, helpful content to families that's really engaging and fun for kids.?

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Marketer, New York