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Mobile Minutes:, app developers, Motorola, FiLIP

Real estate app Open Home Pro acquired by, becoming company?s first mobile app for realtors
Open Home Pro, a business that allows realtors to run their open houses via the iPad and collect leads, has been sold to larger real estate search site The app becomes HomeFinder?s first mobile application targeting realtors, as opposed to consumers like its previously launched iOS and Android applications, per TechCrunch.
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Mobile apps won't lead to riches for most developers
Less than 0.01 percent. That?s how many consumer  mobile apps will be considered a financial success by their creators at the end of 2018, according to new research from Gartner Inc, Forbes reports.
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Motorola app lets users answer text messages with voice
Ever need to answer an urgent text message while behind the wheel? Instead of attempting to text and drive, an updated Motorola app will let you do this using only your voice, according to USA Today.
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FiLIP is the smartphone for kids too young to have a smartphone
Sometime around the middle of last year I first heard of the FiLIP. The device is billed as a wearable smart locator and phone for kids, which is an accurate description, but doesn?t fully capture the value it provides. The reality is that the FiLIP is an invaluable device for kids on the go, Forbes reports.
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