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Mobile Minutes: VMware, CNN, Yahoo, Motorola

VMware buys mobile security firm for $1.54 billion
Looking to shift its software offerings, VMware has struck a $1.54 billion deal to bolster its mobile technology, The New York Times reports.
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As CNN mobile traffic hits 40pc, editor calls Web vs. apps debate "red herring"
CNN announced last week that mobile page views accounted for 40 percent of its overall traffic, the result of equally emphasizing its mobile website and mobile apps even as some in the industry remain stuck in an either-or debate, per Poynter.
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Yahoo buys mobile marketing company Sparq
Continuing on its buying jag, Yahoo acquired mobile-marketing company Sparq. This is just one of several small startups Yahoo has gotten its hands on in the past few months, according to CNet.
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Motorola aiming to launch ultra-affordable $50 smartphone: CEO
Motorola seems to be gearing up to introduce an ultra-affordable smartphone for cost-conscious consumers worldwide, as indicated by the Google-owned company's chief, NDTV reports.
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