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Mobile Minutes: App pivot, Samsung, bloatware, Windows tablets

A pivot could save your mobile app from failing
Chances are that your new app will fail. An estimated 80 to 90 percent of apps are eventually deleted from users' phones, according to Mobilewalla founder Anindya Datta. Only a handful of apps make it past the magical 1 million downloads or $1 million in revenue, per Entrepreneur.
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Samsung?s profit drops as Apple squeezes mobile sales
Samsung Electronics, the largest maker of smartphones, confirmed on Friday that growth in sales and earnings slowed sharply in the fourth quarter of 2013, and the company said business conditions would remain challenging in the first few months of the year, The New York Times reports.
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South Korea to banish bloatware from smartphones
South Korea's government regulators ruled Thursday that bloatware might soon be a thing of the past for smartphone owners, according to CNet.
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Windows hybrid makers: It's all about the tablet
Whatever you might think about Windows 8, it's a good fit for hybrids. Those are the laptops that also serve as tablets. They're sort of a 'one size fits all' of the laptop world. OEMs are producing them in all sizes and forms, but it's important for them to realize that for many of us it's the tablet that makes it work or not, per ZDNet.
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