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Mobile Minutes: Super Bowl, Chrome apps, Flipagram, WunWun

NFL to block mobile video streaming at Super Bowl
Smartphone usage has skyrocketed at sporting events, as anyone who's attended a recent game can tell you. Look around the stands and you'll see fans checking stats, sharing pictures on social media, or just killing time between plays, per CNN.
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Chrome Apps are coming to iOS and Android
News broke last month that Google was working on bringing Chrome web apps to mobile devices, with a plan to have something ready in beta form by January. Google has delivered; the company released a tool set today for developers to port their apps to iOS and Android, The Verge reports.
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Flipagram photo app tops the charts
The most downloaded free app on iTunes right now isn't Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat -- it's Flipagram, yet another competitor in the increasingly crowded field of photo and video sharing apps, according to CNN.
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WunWun on-demand delivery app expands into Brooklyn
WunWun, an app that acts like the Uber for just about anything, has expanded from Manhattan into BK (where you can have it your way), per TechCrunch.
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