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Mobile Minutes: Publishers, FCC, game app revenue, music apps, Verizon

Publishers aren't facing up to the challenge of mobile
This Christmas almost three million people found a shiny new tablet in their stocking. According to YouGov, this has taken the total number of people in the UK with a tablet to just over 19 million. For magazine publishers, this represents a huge opportunity, but it's an opportunity in danger of being wasted, per The Guardian.
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FCC votes to begin testing an overhaul of US phone system
The country's traditional copper wire telephone networks could soon go the way of payphones -- becoming nearly obsolete, according to CNet.
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Apple, Google game-app revenue beats sales for hand-helds
More bad news for Japan?s game-maker titans Nintendo and Sony, The Wall Street Journal reports.
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Tapjoy: 90 percent of users have multiple music apps on their mobile device
One in three people prefer their mobile device over desktop computers or radio when listening to music, per Inside Mobile Apps.
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Verizon Wireless Prepares Network for TV Broadcasting

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