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Mobile Minutes: Stripe and Square, Deutsche Telekom, Alipay, Latinos

Stripe and Square face complexity abroad
International users now generate the majority of traffic for the social media giants Facebook and Twitter, and fast-growing tech companies like Airbnb, the online property rental service, have expanded rapidly into non-American markets to ward off local competitors, according to The New York Times.
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Deutsche Telekom faces tough call on U.S. mobile exit
Deutsche Telekom's new boss may soon face a tough decision on whether to try selling the company's U.S. mobile business to Japan's Softbank, and risk the cost and disruption of being thwarted by U.S. regulators keen to protect competition, Reuters reports.
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Alipay tops in mobile paying
The payment affiliate of Alibaba Group Holding, China's biggest e-commerce company, said it completed more mobile payment transactions last year than US-based PayPal and Square Inc combined, per The Standard.
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Latinos lead U.S. smartphone use
Latinos are adopting smartphones faster than other U.S. ethnic and racial groups, Nielsen says in a new report, according to The Wall Street Journal.
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