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Keds kicks content strategy into gear with Million Brave Acts campaign

Keds has launched a new multichannel campaign with a mobile and Web microsite that aggregates video, social media, photos and commerce as a resource to empower women in achieving their personal goals.

The shoe brand has launched the microsite as part of the Million Brave Acts campaign that fits into a bigger program called Keds Brave Life Project with nonprofit Girls Leadership Institute. The program?s goal is to equip young women with quick bits of information and resources that build their self-esteem, which is why it was likely developed for mobile.

?Young women are actively engaged with their mobile devices, making it an important channel for Keds to engage their target audience with,? said Shuli Lowy, New York-based marketing director at Ping Mobile.

?The younger demographic has a propensity to more actively share content and potentially become advocates for the brand,? she said.

?Brands often align themselves with charities or causes that resonate with their brand image and target audience. Empowering women is part of a broader movement that many brands have been latching on to including Pantene and Gucci.?

Ms. Lowy is not affiliated with Keds. She spoke based on her expertise on the subject.

Keds did not respond to press inquiries.

If the shoe fits
Keds? microsite is and includes videos, articles and multimedia content for young women.

There is a section on the site where consumers can create and upload a customized photo that represents one of their goals for 2014. Keds is giving away 1,000 pairs of shoes to participants with the best photos that depict brave goals such as traveling to a different country or making new friends.

The photos can include a 55-character personal message, filters, frames and different fonts.

The microsite also includes tutorials and how-to videos, and content can be shared via Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Google + and Pinterest. 

Additionally, the shoe brand is showcasing its spring line of products and trends with spokeswoman and musician Taylor Swift.

Links within the microsite direct to Keds? mobile commerce site where consumers can learn more about products and checkout.

This kind of approach that blends content with product information can be particularly effective in reaching women who prefer hyper-relevant content, according to Joline McGoldrick, research director at Millward Brown Digital, New York.

?If it?s been created just because of the demographic target, it?s less likely to be successful,? she said. ?They would be best served focusing on tying the content back to their product and communicating the product-related value to their audience.?

Keds Brave Life Project also includes a summit with nonprofit and female leaders, and the shoe brand will donate $50,000 in grants that are distributed in 2014.

Women between the ages of 13 ? 24 can apply for a brave career grant via the microsite for sharing their career goals. Applications run through March 21 for a $1,000 grant.

Fueling up on content
Keds? new campaign highlights the growing role that content is playing for brands and retailers in fueling their mobile strategies.

The shoe brand?s campaign works on both desktops and mobile devices, but with the focus on social media and small bits of content, everything on the site is geared towards consumers viewing and sharing from a mobile device.

Sephora is another example of a female-focused retailer ramping up content for a bigger mobile push.

Sephora Shares is a program with Apple that ties together the beauty retailer?s mobile, in-store, catalog and Web initiatives (see story). 

?Women have a very personal relationship with their phone and tablet and have been earlier adopters in mobile than in previous new media,? said Mahi de Silva, CEO of Opera Mediaworks, San Mateo, CA.

?Because of the intimate nature of the device, and the fact that it is used in part to kill time when waiting, women are receptive to the right kinds of advertising messages on this platform ? this is consistently seen on our platform in gender specific cohort groups around the same content, time frame and location,? he said. ?Brands that offer up enhanced content can capitalize on the desire to have more things to do with the device, and in leisure movements capture a women's attention.?

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Marketer, New York