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AccuWeather?s app update brings real-time, detailed information to users

AccuWeather?s newest iPhone application update takes advantage of smartphones? real-time capabilities to provide minute-by-minute forecasts for consumers.

The update debuted last week and provides new features such as the Minute by Minute Forecasts, extensive maps and comprehensive social sharing. The free version of the app features 15 days of forecasts, and a premium version offers 25 days of corecasts.

"You have your phone wherever you go and the MinuteCast is an 'in the moment' feature," said David Mitchell, vice president of digital media products for AccuWeather, Inc, State College, PA. "We have done user testing that found it is valuable to users as they go about their day helping them make short term decisions based on conditions such as precipitation start and end times."

Real-time weather
Taking advantage of the always-on quality of smartphones is important for all marketers, but especially for weather companies. AccuWeather can be more competitive by providing consumers with accurate, minute-by-minute forecasts that will yield repeat, frequent visits.

The Minute by Minute Forecasts let consumers see when rain or snow will start and stop down to the minute. This feature is available for all locations across the Continental U.S.

A two-hour summary will show consumers the type and intensity of precipitation as well as when it will begin and end. Consumers can also enter their exact address to get an even more accurate forecast.

Consumers can view this information in a new circular format by swiping their finger around the edge of the circle, or they can choose to view the forecasts in a standard list format.

The app will also display weather alerts, watches and warnings for the U.S., Canada and Britain.

Additionally, the app features full-screen maps that provide more in-depth views and larger details. Consumers can also drop pins on the maps to easily see the current temperature for a specific location.

The app lets consumers save multiple locations to be displayed at the top of the app to help consumers compare cities side by side.

It also emphasizes more personalization, letting consumers select which features they want to see in the app. For instance, consumers can hide humidity or wind speed if they do not want to see that information.

Consumers can also easily change back and forth between Fahrenheit and Celsius by tapping on either one.

Samsung partnership
AccuWeather also recently announced that it will be providing a pre-loaded app for the Galaxy S5 phone, continuing its partnership with Samsung. AccuWeather is already the default weather app on a variety of Galaxy S handsets and Note tablets.

Being the default weather app on the phone is a great way for AccuWeather to reach more consumers since they will not even have to download the app themselves.

Consumers can also add the AccuWeather widget to their phone to view the weather on the home screen, as well as global seven-day forecasts, sky conditions, high and low temperatures, satellite images and AccuWeather's RealFeel temperature index.

While the Samsung app does not yet have the Minute by Minute Forecasts, consumers can click-through to the mobile site to access the MinuteCast feature.

"AccuWeather has partnered with Samsung for over four years, and our weather can be found on a full range of their mobile devices, including earlier iterations of the Samsung Galaxy, other Samsung Smartphones, tablets and smart watches," Mr. Mitchell said.

"OEM relationships have been a core strategy for many years this maintains that strategy," he said. "Samsung is the largest handset manufacturer in the world, so we are very pleased to have this strong ongoing relationship with a world leader."

Final Take
Rebecca Borison is editorial assistant on Mobile Marketer, New York