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Mobile Minutes: Apple's CarPlay, automakers, Google's Project Ara, pharma brands

Volvo, Mercedes and Ferrari demo Apple's CarPlay in Geneva
Apple launched a major initiative at the Geneva International Motor Show Monday in what's shaping up as the next battleground -- after the desktop and the pocket phone -- in the computer platform wars: The dashboard of your car, according to CNN.
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RPT-Automakers tap smartphone technology in battle over city cars
Carmakers are tapping smartphone technology to spruce up low-cost city cars and try to get an edge in a market that has grown to account for almost 10 percent of new car sales in austerity-scarred Europe, Reuters reports.
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Google?s modular smartphone, Project Ara, could go on sale next year for $50
Google?s modular smartphone, Project Ara, could arrive in early 2015 and cost just $50. For $50 you?d only get a bare-bones Project Ara endoskeleton, of course ? you don?t even get a display, I think? but it?s still a very exciting prospect, especially when you factor in the imminent release date, per ExtremeTech.
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Pharma brands have strong tablet-rep deployment, yet campaigns remain rudimentary in 2014
Decision Resources Group finds that pharma representatives using tablets (tablet-reps) have become commonplace in the U.S. market. The number of physicians who have seen a tablet-rep has nearly doubled since 2011. Despite heavy investments from pharma, satisfaction remains flat among physicians and has not surpassed one-in-three physicians seeing a representative with a tablet, according to Providence Journal
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