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Retailers gain control of the mobile shopper in 2014: ETail exhibitors

SAN ANTONIO, TX ? Retailers are betting on more personalized and integrated in-store mobile experiences this year to own the shopper, according to experts at eTail West 2014.

Mobile Marketer?s May Yeung spoke to exhibitors and asked them the question, "How are your clients? mobile initiatives different this year from last year?? Here is what they had to say.

Greg Schmitzer, CEO of Mad Mobile, Tampa, FL
My answer for what retailers will be focusing on in terms of mobile in 2014 absolutely is in-store. Our 90-plus retail clients ? many of which are brick-and-mortar companies ? are very much focused on putting that online intelligence in the hands of sales associates on iPads and on the phone to help them check out faster with assistant selling on the floor and helping them with clienteling as well. That absolutely is the hot spot right now for retailers.

Amrit Kirpalani, CEO/founder of nectarOM, Dallas
Our clients are getting much more personalized using data to drive conversions and offers to individuals.

Diana Colts, director of customer and marketing at Together, Austin, TX
Mobile is such a big space ? I think that one thing we are encouraging our clients to think about is the prevalence of devices and the permeation of devices. It?s no longer going to be effective to try to create an experience for one device ? you?re going to have to think about cross channel and be much more contextual to the experience that a consumer is in and where they?re at rather than what device they?re on.

Omri Yacubovich, head of marketing and business development at Commerce Scientists, Palo Alto, CA
The first and main thing is that we see a consolidation in the Web site itself to the mobile version. You have to update or maintain many platforms or many versions.

Another thing that we?ve seen is also people are starting to provide more personal experiences based on psychological motivations and other types of activities. They?ll give better experience to each and every shopper that comes to their site, whether it?s through mobile or from the Web. That is based on a shopper?s psychological concerns or motivations.

Dave Crafton, sales manager at Listrak, Portland, OR
I see our clients doing a lot more with fewer resources internally ? more automated campaigns, more personalization. A lot of people want to do the things that the ??big boys? do, but they don?t have the resources.

Eric Brown, director of product management at Nomi, New York
To finite physical and digital worlds together to get to get a complete understanding of consumers, what they?re doing and what they?re going to do in the future.

Dave Jobe, enterprise sales director at Invodo, Austin, Texas
We?re a video company and video happens to be killer content across mobile.

We actively track mobile consumption throughout video analytics, and we?re seeing more and more success in our clients across the mobile platform through our video content.

Danielle Mccormick, senior director of marketing at Skava, San Francisco, CA
Our big focus of 2014 is conversion and continuing to update and improve the mobile experience to get maximum conversion. 

Wesley Chiang, sales director at Branding Brand, New York
What I see people doing differently this year is higher adoption in mobile this year, and people putting in place a mobile strategy as opposed to talking about it. 

Scott Striegel, vice president of client development at Conversant, Chicago
I see clients using a lot more data in their mobile strategies this year compared to last year, and the second trend is a lot more mobile video.