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Mobile Minutes: SMS, augmented reality, Samsung Oscars selfie, T-Mobile/BlackBerry trade-in

SMS is best: Your mobile priorities might be overrated, underperforming
The following statement could cause side effects including shock, confusion, anxiety or panic: The most effective engagement channel that enterprises will leverage over the next year is SMS messaging, per Wired.
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Augmented reality finally starts to gain traction
Augmented reality?a technology that enables mobile devices to recognize live objects and then activate video or graphics?has been stuck for years in new-tech purgatory, where ideas loll in the hope of finding mainstream applications, The Wall Street Journal reports.
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For Samsung, Ellen DeGeneres' Oscars selfie is a triumph
Samsung Electronics Co. struck social media gold when Oscars host Ellen DeGeneres used one of its smartphones to take what has now become the world's most famous selfie, according to The Los Angeles Times.
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T-Mobile BlackBerry trade-in offer leads to 15X more trade-ins
Though a vocal contingent of BlackBerry customers were peeved by T-Mobile US's targeted promotion encouraging them to switch to an iPhone, customers were overall less opposed to trading in their current BlackBerry for a new phone. Following a wave of upset comments sent to T-Mobile CEO John Legere, the carrier announced that it would allow anyone to trade-in a working BlackBerry for $200, and those who selected a new BlackBerry model could get an extra $50, per Mobile Burn.
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