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New parents drawn to mobile-exclusive, instant content

New parents' yearning for constant information opens up new marketing opportunities for brands with mobile search, applications and messaging.

Compared to other demographics, new parents in particular are actively seeking out instant information and are more receptive to marketing if it is relevant in solving a problem. To tap into this group of information-hungry consumers, Procter & Gamble?s baby detergent brand Dreft is doling out exclusive content to parents.

?Speaking to new parents in the media that they're frequenting ? whether on traditional, social or mobile platforms ? enables us to connect with them in an authentic, meaningful manner,? said Rob Reiss, brand manager at P&G?s Dreft, Cincinnati.

?We've also found that by sharing exclusive content with them through our branded channels, we're able to bring our engagement with new parents to a whole new level,? he said.

Carving out unique content
Compared to other demographics, what makes new parents unique for marketers is the plethora of information that they are seeking on a daily basis.

This overload of information is even more pronounced on mobile where consumers are susceptible to a constant stream of news and information.

Therefore, brands aligned to new parents highly benefit from investing in tactics including mobile search and Web around keywords including ?baby,? ?newborn? and ?child.?

Additionally, searches that begin or end with questions are key for marketers targeting new parents.

Take Johnson & Johnson-owned Babycenter, for example. The site is a digital resource with forums and information on a variety of parenting topics that are also aligned to the consumer-packaged-goods brand.

Johnson & Johnson leverages mobile and desktop search around keywords to drive consumers to particular sites with information on it. 

Babycenter also has four different specialty apps that support content. The apps are tailored towards specific moments for new parents from pregnancy to helping develop a child's cognitive skills.

Beyond branded content, marketers targeting new parents can also begin reaching out to consumers before the baby is born.

?During pregnancy or the adoption process, parents-to-be tend to be singularly focused on preparing for the baby,? said Christine Bensen, senior vice president of media strategy at iCrossing, New York.

?Certainly, they focus on furnishing the nursery, nursing options and buying gear like strollers and car seats, but they also may also make significant decisions around housing, medical and life insurance and financial investments,? she said.

Message on mobile
According to Ms. Bensen, mobile messaging can also be particularly effective at reaching new parents.

Some marketers are wary of leveraging SMS and mobile messaging because they are afraid that the messages will bombard consumers.

However, new parents are actively seeking out new information, meaning that a targeted SMS message related to a specific topic may be more valuable to new parents than other demographics.

?If the messaging is smartly targeted and relates to the health and well?being of their new child or to products/services that can make their lives easier and less stressful, they are more likely to respond than they may have been previously,? Ms. Bensen said.

One-stop hub
Branded applications can also have a strong use case with parents who want a one-stop hub of content to chronicle their baby?s life.

However, marketers developing apps for new parents face the additional pressure of making sure that the apps are slimed down to feature only the most basic of features so that parents do not feel overwhelmed.

P&G?s Dreft tackled this challenge last year with an app that solely focuses on photos. The app was supported by a marketing campaign and let consumers aggregate and collect photos and content from their child?s first year (see story). 

?As a brand that has proudly connected with moms, dads and little ones for over 80 years, we understand that new and expecting parents are more connected to their mobile devices than ever before,? P&G?s Mr. Reiss said.

?Phones and tablets have become increasingly important for moms and dads as they navigate the wonderful world of new parenthood and seek to acclimate into this new chapter of their lives,? he said.

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Marketer, New York