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Dior enrolls consumers in digital beauty school to build product awareness

French atelier Christian Dior is letting enthusiasts become backstage pros by visiting its Backstage Makeup School to explore new products through content and tutorials.

Dior is directing fans of its cosmetics to the microsite through its Backstage Pros' Instant Beauty Solutions product promotions on its social media pages. The brand?s Backstage Makeup School features a range of products to allow consumers to find more of what suits their personal style, while learning more about what the brand offers.

"Brands often launch digital tutorials that provide additional utility to potential customers," said Amanda Rue, strategist at <a href="">Carrot Creative</a>, New York.

"In the luxury space [brands] are constantly looking for ways to differentiate and provide value beyond the products that they sell, and tutorials are an excellent way to achieve this," she said.

"Tutorials provide another point of contact with potential buyers that is not purely transactional and provides a real and tangible benefit for consumers. It creates a positive experience with the brands that is not tied to advertising, sales or an in-store experience."

Ms. Rue is not affiliated with Dior, but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

Dior did not respond by press deadline.

Beauty school enrollees
As of press time, Dior has promoted its Lip Glow color reviver balm, Rosy Glow blush, Lip Maximizer and Lash Maximizer, Pore Minimizer and Nail Glow nail polishes on its social media accounts as part of its Backstage Pros campaign over the course of two weeks.

Whether from an individual product post or from the group collection, a click-through lands on Dior?s Backstage Makeup School where the consumer can learn more about the range in addition to application processes.

Consumers begin on Dior?s Makeup Mag where they can browse a slideshow of behind-the-scenes photographs of models wearing Dior cosmetics. By clicking ?Get the Look? a short video begins that shows how to use Dior Addict Lip Glow, Glow Maximizer and Skinflash concealer with a model getting her makeup done.

Below this section, consumer can view the Rosy Glow campaign video where models are seen behind-the-scenes of a fashion show. The fast moving minute-long clip shows the models having cosmetics applied and stashing the products inside a bright pink and purple handbag that changes hands as the video progresses.

After the video, Dior includes product-specific content. This section includes Instant Lip Solutions, Instant Eye Solutions, Instant Complexion Solutions and Instant Nail Solutions.

Each solution blurb includes a Shop Now prompt where the consumer can view products seen in the Instant Beauty Solutions video and digital effort. Through this product section the consumer can further learn about application techniques from Dior?s Backstage Beauty School.

For example, if Dior Rosy Skin is selected by the consumer they can then continue on to Dior?s Rosy Complexion tutorial. The tutorial?s Step 1: Application is structured into 4 sections: nails, complexion, eyes and lips that takes the consumer step-by-step using GIFs, which can be shared or printed out as a quick reference.

The consumer then continues on to Step 2: Shade which explains selecting the right foundation and blush color. A side bar shows how to select the perfect concealer, lip shade and mascara.

In Section 3: Understanding, the consumer can learn about the themes of Dior?s makeup collections and access a helpful dictionary that lists beauty terms and their definitions and tutorial link.

Private consultations
Tutorials allow at-home consumers to create a branded look and, most importantly, can teach the consumer about proper application techniques, product benefits or appeal.

For example, Italian fashion house Dolce &amp; Gabbana introduced enthusiasts to its new lipstick formula with a digital campaign that promoted the product?s appeal rather than an entire branded look.

Dolce &amp; Gabbana?s campaign launched its Classic Cream lipstick collection and put brand co-founder Domenico Dolce back behind the lens. Mr. Dolce?s photography skills along with co-founder Stefano Gabbana?s artistic direction showed the consumer how different shades can evoke different moods (see story).

Dior has taken a similar approach directed at a certain product range.

For instance, Dior shared its beauty secrets with enthusiasts by providing tips to achieve curated looks using the maison?s Diorskin Nude Tan powder.

Available for the first time this season in a matte formula, Dior used its Backstage Makeup Mag to promote the Diorskin Nude Tan Matte powder where consumers could watch tutorial videos and learn more about the product line (see story).

Placing an educational spin on a marketing effort may result in increased sales because the consumer feels more informed.

"For the brand, tutorials help to educate consumers on the best ways to use their products," Ms. Rue said. "It demonstrates the product in action and gives the practical application tips.

"Consumers can begin to see how to use and apply products and how individual products help to achieve the desired looks that they aim to create for themselves," she said.

"It is likely that these types of tutorials increase purchases because the users is more informed and educated about how the product works and fits into their own regime. It is informative without being pushy or too focused on sales, which further helps to differentiate the luxury brand from competitors."