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Mobile Minutes: Smartphones, Facebook drones, BlackBerry, Telus

Smartphones, the disappointing miracle
A new report shows how much work it is to download apps, interact with the mobile Internet billions of times a day, and all feel frustration at slow loads and app crashes.
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Facebook eyes using drones to deliver Internet
Facebook is friending drones. The social network?s founder Mark Zuckerberg revealed Thursday that the company?s ambitious plan to bring Internet access to the parts of the world without it will use drones to do.
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BlackBerry goes green thanks to smaller than anticipated loss
Not long ago BlackBerry was all but left for dead. Shares shed 36.5% in value last year with many believing the best the former smartphone king could hope for was to be sold for parts. The company?s financial situation still isn?t pretty, but shares are up more than 18% so far in 2014.
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Telus?s decision to shut Public Mobile angers consumers
Telus Corp. is preparing to shut down Public Mobile?s wireless network, a move that forces the discount carrier?s roughly 280,000 customers to buy new cellphones in order to maintain service. Although Telus is planning to migrate Public Mobile?s customers onto its faster 4G (fourth-generation) national network, its decision is sparking a firestorm of criticism from consumer advocates and is raising the eyebrows of federal officials, including Industry Minister James Moore.
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