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Mobile Minutes: Google, Uber, Adobe, IBM

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At Google, bid put its glasses to work
At the 500 Club bar in the heart of the Mission district here, patrons are banned from wearing Google Glass. Two miles up the hill at the hospital at the University of California, San Francisco, a lung surgeon wears Glass to assist him as he operates.
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Uber to launch bike-courier service
Got stuff to deliver? A new way to send and receive items is emerging in Manhattan, courtesy of Uber, which is expected to launch a bike-courier service that will allow users to flag couriers to schedule pickups and deliveries using a smartphone app.
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With brilliant Lightroom iPad app, Adobe gives us the future of photography
Photoshop was a verb long before Google was, but for many photographers, Lightroom is the weapon of choice because it streamlines many common Photoshop features and combines them with file management.
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IBM expands MobileFirst consulting services
IBM adds infrastructure-consulting, app-platform-management, and device-procurement services to its mobility services portfolio.
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