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Mobile Minutes: Nielsen, Pandora, Unilever, Billguard

Nielsen and comScore duel over mobile ad-tracking
Marketers have been pouring money into mobile, but they?re still hungry for better tools to track the reach of their ads.
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Big labels take aim at Pandora on royalties
The suit, filed by several big record companies on Thursday, accuses Pandora of violating common-law copyright protections for songs made before 1972.
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In India, mobile ads mean phone calls
In many parts of the world, businesses relentlessly market to customers via their Web-connected smartphones, slipping pitches into everything from interactive games to graphics-laden productivity apps. Not so in rural India: To better reach the country?s 833 million villagers, Unilever (UL) is delivering free Bollywood music to their basic cell phones via old-fashioned phone calls.
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App makes it easier to spot and dispute questionable payment transactions
BillGuard helps users track activity across all their credit and debit card accounts and makes approving or contesting a charge as simple as a swipe.
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