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Mobile Minutes: HBO, mobile home screen, Netflix, T-Mobile

HBO to allow Amazon to stream older shows
HBO agreed to license older episodes of its programming library to Inc's Prime Instant Video streaming service, the first time the premium cable channel has struck such a deal with an online streaming service.
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Mobile home screen fight begins as tech giants snap up super-apps
First came free-to-play games, then chat apps. Now, some in the technology industry are predicting that the next mobile craze to arrive in the west from Asia will be home screen customization apps that give smartphones a radical new look.
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Netflix says it opposes Comcast?s merger bid
Netflix on Monday voiced strong opposition to Comcast?s planned $45 billion takeover of Time Warner Cable, even while confirming that it was raising subscription prices.
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T-Mobile continues to grow faster
CIRP finds that T-Mobile increased its customer base by the highest percentage among the four largest mobile phone carriers, with Sprint close behind. Verizon was flat, while AT&T had a slight loss in existing customers.
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