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Coca-Cola, Home Depot put new spin on receipt promotions via mobile

Home Depot, Coca-Cola and Makita are teaming up on a new campaign that leverages a print receipt to give away a trip and tickets for the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Social, direct mail, in-store, digital and mobile components are all included in the Win to Brazil campaign, but the use of mobile is particularly intriguing in the brands? FIFA push since it brings together in-store purchases and digital with the photo upload of a receipt. At the same time, some industry experts believe that the campaign misses out on a bigger opportunity to build ongoing engagement after the sports tournament ends.

?The excitement of the World Cup isn?t matched by what appears to be a rather ?me-too? campaign,? said Jeff Hasen, Seattle-based chief marketing officer at Mobivity.

?Sending in a receipt for a chance to enter feels like something from 1970 ? this is a missed opportunity,? he said.

Mr. Hasen is not affiliated with Home Depot, Coca-Cola or Makita. He commented based on his expertise on the subject.

Coca-Cola, Makita and Home Depot did not respond to press inquiries.

Leveraging print
All of the campaign?s assets live on the microsite.

After linking the microsite to a Facebook, Twitter or email account, the option to upload a picture of a receipt pops up. 

Consumers can then snap a picture of a Home Depot receipt showing either a Coca-Cola or a $50 or more Makita purchase for a chance at winning a week-long trip and game tickets to Brazil.

The FIFA campaign is the latest example of a much bigger receipt-based marketing trend that additional brands such as Unilever are using to keep themselves top-of-mind after consumers leave stores (see story). 

Print receipts are certainly not a new marketing tactic, but the approach does appear to be gaining some steam as brands and retailers look to tackle Amazon and showrooming.

Other methods of entry for the Win to Brazil campaign include weekly trivia questions, signing up for Home Depot?s email newsletters and sharing content via Facebook and Twitter.

Home Depot promoted the campaign on Twitter April 22, which runs through May 12.

In addition to the grand prize trip to Brazil, other prizes include tool sets, gift cards and packages of products from Coca-Cola, Home Depot and Makita.

Packing in digital for sponsorships
Coca-Cola is traditionally a big sponsor of FIFA and is making a big push into digital and mobile this year.

In addition to Win To Brazil, Coca-Cola is simultaneously running another contest called ?Bring Home the Stadium? that encourages consumers to upload codes that are found within products to compete for tickets to the FIFA games.

While mobile has been used for several of Coca-Cola?s recent sponsorships, this year?s initiatives are meant to be a bit more integrated than past years, according to a presentation last year at Mobile Marketer?s Mobile Women to Watch 2014 Summit (see story).

With more consumers relying on smartphones and tablets to watch games and access scores, digital components are core pieces of big-budget sports sponsorships.

However, Mr. Hasen believes that Home Depot, Coca-Cola and Makita?s campaign could have been more interactive.

For example, the brands could have collected mobile phone numbers to build up a database or played up social media more.

?The social aspect seems rather mundane, too, although consumers are rewarded for repeated social interaction,? Mr. Hasen said.

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Marketer, New York