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Mobile Minutes: Google, Twitter, Alibaba, Tumblr

Google needs to rule online shopping to show its ads really work
Google wants to take you shopping. The company?s search engine has long been a place where you can research a world of products, but in recent months, Google has been furiously rolling out new tools and experimental projects that nudge you as close as possible to making an actual purchase.
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Twitter plunges as more shares hit market
Shares of Twitter went into free fall on Tuesday as early investors became eligible to sell their shares on the market for the first time. The company?s shares dropped 17.8 percent, to close at $31.85, their lowest level since the company?s initial public offering of stock in November.
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Alibaba?s next challenge: Making money from mobile traffic
As Alibaba Group Holding gears up for what could be one of the largest initial public offerings in U.S. history, the Chinese company is also grappling with another big task of redesigning its e-commerce business for the mobile Internet era.
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Tumblr?s new mobile apps cut the PC cord
One of the features that has attracted users to Tumblr is the vast customization options it offers. Users can truly add their personal touch to their blogs, which is why most of them like Tumblr in the first place. Please click here to read more on Ubergizmo