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Mobile Minutes: Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Airbnb

Facebook considering another try in China
Facebook seems to be once again setting its sights on the People?s Republic. The social network is reportedly planning to open a sales office in China within the next year, according to Bloomberg. Facebook, like many American Internet companies, has been banned in mainland China for several years, but the company has expressed interest in regaining a foothold in the market.
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Yahoo buys mobile 'self-destruct' messaging app Blink
Yahoo Inc has bought Blink, a mobile messaging startup whose app lets users send messages that will self-destruct at a time set by the sender.
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Google Glass enters open beta, goes on sale to anyone in the US
Google announced the move on the product's Google+ page, saying that while Glass is still in "beta," the company was ready to open the product up to a wider audience. That "wider audience" still only means people in the US?Google hasn't gotten the product approved by the regulatory bodies in other countries.
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Airbnb judge blocks N.Y. state inquiry into home sharers
New York?s investigation into whether Airbnb Inc. allows users to run illegal hotels hit a setback when a judge ruled that a request for information about the service?s rental home providers was too broad.
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