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Mobile Minutes: Mobile-first, Allstate, WeChat, Google

Why mobile-first may not be the best strategy after all
With the unquestionable popularity of mobile devices and BYOD, many enterprises, vendors and development shops have been rushing to the mobile app world. They?re even building new releases, innovations and features into their mobile apps long before enhancing their desktop versions. It?s a monumental shift from just a couple of years ago ? and it may be taking businesses down the wrong path.
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Allstate testing smartphone app to monitor drivers' habits
The application is being tested a few states so far, the Northbrook-based company's CEO said at a conference. Allstate currently has a driver-monitoring program using a device that plugs into a car. In return for safe driving, drivers qualify for insurance discounts.
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Tencent's WeChat offers in-app mini shopping malls
Chinese Internet company Tencent Holdings has moved a step closer to grabbing a greater share of the country?s massive and ever-growing online retail market.
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Google takes steps to comply with EU's 'right to be forgotten' ruling
Google has taken the first steps to meet a European ruling that citizens can have objectionable links removed from Internet search results, a ruling that pleased privacy campaigners but raised fears that the right can be abused to hide negative information.
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