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Mobile Minutes - Google vs. Amazon, Facebook, Google wearables, in-car infotainment

With new overnight delivery, Google confirms it wants to be Amazon
Less than a year after launching its Shopping Express service in Silicon Valley and San Francisco?delivering retail products straight to homes on the same day they?re ordered online?Google is muscling even farther into Amazon?s territory, offering overnight delivery across Northern California.
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Facebook embarks on cross-country tour to woo small businesses
One of the world?s biggest businesses is counting on small businesses for growth.
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Google guides developers building for Android Wear
The Internet giant has made a push in wearables. Now it's trying to teach developers how to get users to love such devices.
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The past, present, and future of in-car infotainment
Tape decks have disappeared as a factory option (the last car to come with a tape player was sold in 2010), and the CD is entering a slow but inexorable decline. They're being replaced by smartphones and streaming media.
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