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Mobile Minutes: Tesco, Pinterest, stalking apps, Bollywood

Sparse shelves for Tesco in social media
Retail giant Tesco is underperforming not just in the financial arena but in the digital realm as well, according to a new report that finds it has the worst FacebookFB -0.24% engagement among the top four U.K. supermarket chains.
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Moving fast to monetize, Pinterest debuts self-serve ads
It was nearly two years from the moment Twitter started selling ads until it opened its platform up to small advertisers wanting to buy them on their own.
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New bill to ban 'stalking apps' could seriously hurt mobile advertising industry
On Wednesday Senator Al Franken, who has become a champion for privacy rights on Capitol Hill, held a hearing about his proposed legislation to ban "stalker apps," which encompass a myriad of smartphone applications that track users' GPS data. While well intentioned, Franken's bill is getting some serious pushback from the advertising industry, which uses GPS location data to build their fastest growing service ? mobile advertising.
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Mobile carriers have a secret weapon in their battle against Web giants. It?s called Bollywood
From Afghanistan to Aruba, mobile operators are bolstering their basic offering?the ?pipes? that provide a connection to the world?with videos that they hope will provide enough of a reason for their customers to keep using their pipes.
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