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Mobile Minutes: T-Mobile, bitcoin, Pandora, Swatch

T-Mobile will waive data fees for music services
T-Mobile US Inc. will let customers listen to several popular music services without counting it toward their data use, giving up a potential revenue source to bolster its subscriber base.
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Japan's ruling party says won't regulate bitcoin for now
Japan's leading Liberal Democratic Party said it decided against regulating bitcoin for the time being, after the collapse of Tokyo-based bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox prompted them to consider more scrutiny of the virtual currency.
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Mobile marketing stumbles as Pandora plays SF ads in NY
A smartphone user who signs up for Pandora Media Inc. (P)?s downloadable app in San Francisco and then moves to New York could still be getting ads for California restaurants months later.
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Swatch waiting with Apple for smartwatch market to grow
Swatch Group AG Chief Executive Officer Nick Hayek doesn?t mind losing the lead in smartwatches. For now, he?s happy to wait and see whether anyone actually wants to buy them.
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