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Mobile Minutes: Yahoo Aviate, mobile malware, parking apps ban, domain names

Yahoo Aviate is latest mobile push, with release today
Slowly but surely, Yahoo is transforming itself into a mobile company. It inched a bit closer today, when it unfurled Aviate, whose home-screen technology lets Android phone users simplify apps based on what they are doing. 
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Mobile malware is on the rise, McAfee report reveals
When it comes to security, mobile threats are on the rise, according to the June 2014 McAfee Labs Threat Report released today. New mobile malware has increased for five straight quarters, with a total mobile malware growth of 167 percent in the past year alone.
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San Francisco plans to ban certain parking apps
Can you ask someone to pay you for moving out of a parking spot on a San Francisco street? The city says it will crack down on apps that facilitate the transaction.
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Web naming group pushes ahead on governance transition
The battle for power over control of Web addresses is heating up as domain names including .com, .org and even .london are losing prominence as traffic funnels through mobile apps, search engines and social networks, Internet experts say. 
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