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Mobile Minutes: app usage, Foursquare fees, Google Glass, Facebook

Mobile app usage hits 51pc of all time spent on digital media

With users now spending 60 percent of their Internet time on mobile devices - the majority of that within apps - Pandora, Instagram, and Facebook are seeing a surge in mobile use.
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Foursquare to begin charging fees
Foursquare Labs Inc. said it would begin charging some businesses for access to its database of restaurants, shops and other local venues, as it tries to make money from information it has gathered from user "check-ins" in the five years since its founding.
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Not so fast on the use of Google Glass in Britain

In a blog post, Andrew Paterson, a senior British technology regulator, said that Glass users were free to use the headset for personal use, but that restrictions would apply for businesses.
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Facebook bid to shield data from the law fails, so far
The New York district attorney?s office demanded account details of 381 people for an investigation that led to indictments on Social Security fraud charges.
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