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Mobile Minutes: Twitter, Facebook, emoji messaging, Blade, T-Mobile

Twitter officially joins Facebook, Google in offering mobile app install ads
It?s official, Twitter is now offering mobile app installation promotion to all of its advertisers ? expect to see the latest download of Candy Crush Saga in your stream.
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With FbStart, Facebook hands out goodies to mobile app makers
Have an app and want up to $40,000 in free products and services? Chances are Facebook Inc. will give it to you. The social networking? and increasingly advertising?  giant said it has accepted hundreds of small companies, more than half from outside the U.S., to a new program it hopes will help spawn the next Candy Crush.
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Bye-bye, words: an emoji-only social app is coming
They say a picture paints a thousand words, and that?s increasingly the case in mobile messaging with emojis ? the graphically superior successors to emoticons ? and digital stickers. Now singer Katy Perry has driven the point home with her latest lyric video for the song Roar, told almost entirely though the mobile messaging service WhatsApp and ping-pong style conversations with text and emojis on a white iPhone.
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Blade, a helicopter-booking app, to partner with Uber
A start-up that fancies itself an Uber for helicopter rides is hooking up with Uber itself.
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FTC: T-Mobile knowingly added bogus charges to bills
The Federal Trade Commission accused wireless carrier T-Mobile of adding bogus charges totaling "hundreds of millions of dollars" on customers' accounts without their consent.
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