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Mobile Minutes: Qualcomm, wearables predictions, Amazon, mobile increases productivity

Qualcomm bets on 'WiGig' technology with deal for Wilocity
Qualcomm Inc. said it has purchased startup Wilocity, a bet that a high-speed wireless technology called WiGig will become a standard feature on smartphones and other products.
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Mixed predictions about wearables like smartwatches and Google Glass
The wearable computing market will be huge. Actually, it?s a passing fad. Or it will be a modest hit.
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Amazon would go to court to avoid FTC restrictions on in-app purchases
Amazon is fighting the US Federal Trade Commission's efforts to restrict in-app purchases on its phones and tablets. The FTC argues that unauthorized in-app purchases made by children using Amazon's devices have affected "thousands" of parents, and the commission wants Amazon to agree to fines and more explicit restrictions on when and how in-app purchases can be made.
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Why it's finally time to embrace your mobile device as an effective working tool
The massive leap to mobile has created infinite opportunities for workers to be more productive. People can work from anywhere, have instant communication with whomever they choose around the world, and be "on" whenever they want to. Companies have taken notice and are enthusiastic at the prospect of having access to a crew of employees who can contribute, share, and collaborate via mobile--including after office hours.
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