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Mobile Minutes: Uber, Internet of Things, ads on wearables, TSA

Uber reaches deal with New York on surge pricing in emergencies
New York?s attorney general said on Tuesday that he had reached an agreement with Uber, the car-summoning start-up, that would limit the cost of using the company?s service during emergencies.
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Intel, Qualcomm and others compete for ?Internet of Things? standard
If the stakes are big enough, companies will compete even for something that is supposed to be free to all comers. And over the next few years, very little stands to be bigger than the Internet of Things, or IoT.
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Advertisers target wearable gadgets as next frontier
Even before wearable technology gains widespread popularity, advertising companies are devising ways to deliver marketing messages directly to people who don watches, glasses and headgear that double as computers.
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The TSA?s Instagram feed is terrifying and totally awesome
The Transportation Security Administration hasn?t endeared itself to the public by shuffling every airline passenger in America through full-body scanners and getting up close and personal with a pat-down search if they decline. It?s been accused of overreach, overspending, and redundancy. But one thing the bureaucratic behemoth has definitely done right is to create an always entertaining and occasionally unbelievable Instagram feed.
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