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Mobile Minutes: Amazon, Xbox, Kenya, China Mobile

Amazon Web Services debuts mobile app dev tools
The build up to Amazon Web Services 2014 Summit in New York City was all about mobile, with expectations that the cloud favorite would showcase its highly anticipated mobile app development infrastructure.
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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella suggests the future of Xbox could be mobile
Microsoft's CEO responds to concerns he might spin off the company's games division, doubling down on Microsoft's commitment to Xbox gaming.
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How Kenya's mobile apps are changing the face of Africa
The mobile app ecosystem in the Western world is oversaturatedwith fads, gimmicks and multi-million valuations that can cause innovation to be pushed to the sidelines.
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Though profitability concerns remain, China Mobile likely to increase 4G handset subsidies
China Mobile is likely to increase subsidies on its 4G mobile handsets later this year by gradually reducing its 3G handset subsidies, according to a recent Chinese media report. The report also stated that the carrier is looking to reduce ? and eventually cancel ? its free handset offerings as part of its contract phone sales, and instead switch to service package subsidies.
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