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Mobile Minutes: Ryanair, lock screens, Samsung, Google

Ryanair launches mobile boarding passes
The move is part of the low-cost airline?s ongoing efforts to upgrade its digital offering, and improve its image. Passengers will still be able to print out their boarding passes before they arrive but no concessions will be made to those who rely on using their mobiles only to find they have run out of battery ? they will be charged a £15 fee to have a pass printed out at the airport.
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Certain mobile apps covet new real estate: the lock screen
App makers have long vied for prime real estate on smartphones, coveting in particular a spot on the home screen, the front page where many people place their most frequently used apps.
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Samsung gives its app store a makeover with a focus on Galaxy devices
Samsung Electronics has updated and rebranded its app store, in an apparent bid to cut into Google?s revenue from its Play store for apps running on Android devices.
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Google directors wanted Page, Brin to court Facebook employees
Google considered having its cofounders personally recruit Facebook workers and instituted a policy to make counteroffers within an hour to workers offered jobs by Facebook, according to newly released documents in a closely watched case alleging big tech companies colluded to suppress wages.
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