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Mobile Minutes: Mobile retailing, Nielsen, Android Wear, 7-Eleven

Mobile retailing continues meteoric rise: Apple loses share to both Samsung and Amazon
While Apple still captures 80% of tablet orders and Samsung has clawed its way up to a 12% share, as of March 2014, Amazon?s Kindle Fire was driving 4% of mobile orders. Once considered little more than an eBook reader, the Kindle could be becoming a real force in the tablet space.
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Nielsen and Facebook team up to track shows watched on users? mobile devices
Nielsen is turning to Facebook to find out what you?re watching on your mobile device. Starting this fall, Facebook will track the shows its users watch on their phones and tablets and send information about their age and gender to the television ratings company.
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Too many Android Wear apps are missing the point
Watered-down smartphone apps are spreading like weeds on Google's new wearable platform.
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7-Eleven extends free snack offers due to app glitch
7-Eleven's week-long birthday celebration was interrupted Saturday due to technical difficulties with the company's phone app. The promotion, which consists of daily coupons for free snacks, has been pushed back and extended by three days. It will now resume Tuesday and run through Thursday, July 24.
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