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Mobile Minutes: Mobile second, China, Google apps, Uber

Mobile first? Forget it: Go mobile second ? you?ll live longer
Will the entrepreneur who has completely lost focus over something a VC once said please stand up? Good. Now that you?re all standing, let me tell you a secret: You don?t have to go mobile first.
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The world?s largest mobile phone market is on the verge of becoming totally saturated
The days of heady growth in China?s mobile phone market, the largest in the world, may soon be over. According to data from China?s national bureau of statistics, the growth of new mobile phone users is slowing dramatically. The absolute number of mobile phone users in China is still growing but average monthly growth has more than halved over the year to April.
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Google to stop labeling apps with in-app purchases as 'free'
By the end of September, Google will no longer label apps as ?free? if they allow for in-app purchases. The change will certainly take place in Europe but is likely to affect Google users around the world.
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Seoul moves to ban Uber, plans own app
Uber Monday evening called Seoul city government?s earlier statement a sign that it lags behind in adopting what it called an innovation in transportation.
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