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Mobile Minutes: Yahoo, smartphones unleash potential, Glu Mobile, Snapchat

Yahoo buys Flurry to jump-start mobile business
Yahoo has confirmed it?s buying the mobile ad exchange Flurry, a move that could augment Yahoo?s still-waning position in the mobile advertising market. The companies did not disclose financial details but reports have cited a purchase price of several hundred million dollars.
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How smartphones have unleashed humanity?s creative potential
Look at your smartphone. Think about the decisions you will make on it today.
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Why Glu Mobile (GLUU) stock hit a one-year high today
Glu Mobile hit a new 52-week high of $7.50 on Monday as the mobile game company continued to rise on the strength of its successful game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Some analysts believe the game could make up to $200 million.
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Snapchat wants trademarks for mobile payments
If Snapchat gets its own mobile payment service ? or bolts one into the existing, popular private-messaging application ? does that mean that sending one of your friends a fistful of digital cash will give them a ten-second window in which to claim it before it goes away? We jest, but we're not exactly sure what Snapchat has in mind as far as mobile payments go.
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